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This entire course requires you to write proper mathematical proofs . All proofs should
be written elegantly in a formal mathematical style. Complete sentences of explanation
are required. Do not simply write an equation; you must explain what the equation is
and/or why it is being used. Moreover, all equations must be properly aligned
with no scratch outs. Always give a conclusion.

We will begin by reviewing several standard methods of proof using the following
basic definitions and using the facts that the sum and product of integers are integers.

Divisibility: We say that a divides b if there exists an integer k such that b = ka . For
example, 6 divides 18 because 18 = 3 × 6 , where k = 3 is an integer.

Even Number: An integer n is said to be even if it has the form n = 2k for some integer
k . That is, n is even if and only if n divisible by 2.

Odd Number: An integer n is called odd if it has the form n = 2 k +1 for some integer k .

Prime Number: A natural number n > 1 is said to be prime if its only positive divisors are
1 and n . If n has other positive divisors, then n is called composite.

Rational Number : A real number x is called rational if x can be written as a fraction
m / n , where m and n are integers with n ≠ 0. Otherwise, x is called irrational.

Direct Proof

Consider the statements p , then q , and   At times we may try to
prove that these types of statements are true. To prove S1 directly, we assume p is
true and then argue that q must also be true. To prove S2 is true, we pick an arbitrary
x and argue that property p (x) must hold.

Example 1. Prove the following results directly:

(a) If n is an odd integer, then n2 +1 is even.
(b) If a divides b and b divides c , then a divides c .
(c) For all rational numbers x and y , the product x y is also a rational number.

Proof. (a) Assume n is an odd integer. Then n = 2 k +1 for some integer k . We then

n2 +1
 = (2 k +1)2 + 1
= 4k2 + 4k + 2
= 2(2k 2 + 2k + 1)
= 2l ,

where l = 2k 2 + 2k + 1 is an integer because k is an integer. Thus, n2 +1 has the form
of an even number, and so n2 +1 is even.  QED

(b) Assume a divides b and b divides c . Then b = ka for some integer k , and c = jb
for some other integer j . Thus,

c = jb = j (ka) = ( jk )a .

Because the product of integers jk is still an integer, we have that a divides c . QED
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(c) Let x and y be rational numbers. Then x = m / n and y = j / k for some integers m ,
n , j , and k , with n ≠ 0 and k ≠ 0 . Then

The products of integers m j and nk are still integers, and nk cannot be 0 because
neither n nor k is 0. Thus, x y is in the form of a rational number and therefore x y is
rational.  QED

Indirect Proofs

Given an implication , its contrapositive is ~ q → ~ p , which is logically
equivalent to the original implication. In order to prove that S is true, it might be easier
to prove that the contrapositive is true. That is, we can assume that q is not true, and
then argue that p is not true.

Another common method used to prove p → q is a proof by contradiction. In this
case, we assume that p is true but that q is not true. We then argue that a mathematical
contradiction occurs. We conclude that q in fact must be true.

Proof by Contrapositive
To prove p → q,
assume that q is not true,
then argue that p is not true.

Proof by Contradiction
To prove p → q,
assume that p is true but q is not true.
Then argue that a mathematical
contradiction occurs.

Notes: (i) A logical statement is often a conjunction a ∧ b (a and b ) or a disjunction
a ∨ b (a or b ). We apply DeMorgan’s Laws to obtain the negations of these statements
as follows:

(ii) The negation of “ one or the other but not both” is given by “both or neither”.

(iii) A logical statement may be in terms of a quantifier such as “for every x , property
p(x ) holds.” The negation is “there exists an x for which p(x ) does not hold.”

Statement: Negation:

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