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Multiplying Fractions

Grade Level: 5thGrade

Lesson Topic and Subject: Introduction of Multiplication of Fractions

Explanation of Lesson Value : This lesson would be introduced after addition and
subtraction of fractions has been covered and sufficiently understood.

Essential Question:
- What is the most effective method of understanding multiplying fractions?
- How can you use manipulatives to understand multiplying fractions ?

NCSCOS Objective:
1.04 Develop fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of nonnegative
rational numbers

Learning Objective: TSWBAT:
- solve simple multiplication fraction problems using manipulatives
- solve simple multiplication fraction problems using algorithms

Assessment Strategies:
I will have a rubric either on my phone in Excel or printed out for each student and will
check off what they have accomplished in the class.
I will also be using

Key Vocabulary:
Numerator: the number on the top of the fraction; represents the number of parts in the
Denominator : the number on the bottom of the fraction; represents the whole number

Focus and Review (7 minutes): Write a simple multiplication problem on the board such
as 2 x 3. Ask students if they know the answer to this and what the answer is. Then
write up a fraction on the board and ask the students if they know what it is and to
identify the two different parts of the fraction. Write on the board simple computation
problems involving fractions, one for addition and one for subtraction . Ask students if
they have ever seen problems like this before . Introduce to students that they will be
combining these two ideas, fractions and multiplication to discover the multiplication of

Guided Practice (10 minutes): Model this procedure in the front of the room on the
document view camera or just at the front of the room. For a problem like ¾ x 2/3, fold
the paper lengthwise into four sections and color in three of the sections. Unfold the
piece of paper and now fold the paper in the other direction into three new sections, color
two of the three sections a different color . Have the students count the number of
and then the number of sections that were colored both colors. Explain to
students that they have just multiplied fractions. Now write algorithm on the board and
ask students how we might get the same answer through multiplication. Try to lead the
students to the correct method if they don’t figure it out at first. Do at least one more
before moving on. Students should then write in the math journals . The
students should write how they multiply fractions and how multiplying fractions is
different than adding them.

Independent Practice (7 minutes): Provide students with a worksheet and enough paper
for each of the problems on the worksheet. The worksheet should have approximately
five problems so that it doesn’t take too long for the students to complete this in-class.
Break students up to work in pairs. The teacher should monitor the students work and
provide them with help but also remind the students to check their answers with their

Assessment (6 minutes): Once students have been given time to complete the worksheet,
the teacher will project their laptop onto the board with the flashcards game up. The
class will work together to find the right answers. Make sure to stress to the students that
this is not a competition amongst each other but to see if they can work together as a class
to figure out the answers.

Closure (3 minutes): Remind students that when they are multiplying it is as simple as
just multiplying across and then simplifying if they have to. If they get confused they can
always pull out a piece of paper and fold to find the correct answer.

- several blank pieces of paper for each student (note- cut up pieces of paper so that
you do not have to waste as much!)
- two different marker/crayon/colored pencil for each student

Accommodations/UDL Techniques:
Students will be given the choice of whether they would like to complete the worksheet
using their manipulatives or using the algorithm. Students will also be working together
to complete the worksheet and play the game so they will be teaching each other. A
document view camera will be used for students to view all of the materials and the
teacher’s laptop will be projected onto the board and students will be able to come up and
use the laptop.

Context: This lesson will be taught as an introduction to multiplication of fractions and
will be taught after students have successfully completed addition, subtraction , and
simplification of fractions.

Concrete example: If you are baking and the recipe calls for ¾ of a cup of sugar but you
are doubling the recipe then you would have to multiply fractions.


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