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Math 108 - Intermediate Algebra

A Grade of “C” or better in MATH 024 or MATH 025 or
Satis factory placement score:
Math ACT score ≥ 19 or
Quantitative SAT score ≥ 440 or
COMPASS Algebra score of 41 – 61

Course Description:
Intermediate algebra builds on the fundamental concepts introduced in elementary algebra. This course
emphasizes the concepts of function, domain, range, and zeros and includes the study of linear , absolute
value , quadratic, logarithmic, exponential, radical, and rational functions , expressions and equations . Other
topics include complex numbers , composition of functions, inverses of functions, properties of logarithms ,
exponent rules , systems of equations , and Gauss Jordan elimination using matrices. A graphing calculator is
extensively. 4 credits

1. To attain a com prehensive and functional understanding of course material in preparation for Math 143, 144,
147, 157. This course does NOT meet the math skills requirement of the general education core curriculum. This
course is NOT a review or preparation for Finite Math 130 or 137.

2. To learn study skills and techniques and to develop effective, productive study habits that will contribute to
success in this and future math classes

3. To reduce anxieties and apprehensions associated with math

Students are expected to:
1. show respect for and consideration of all others in order to establish a positive and comfortable learning
environment for all; no social conversations during class; no cell phones please

2. function at a high level of personal integrity – any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated

Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to: copying someone else’s work, allowing
someone to copy your work, sharing information about a test with a student who has not yet taken the test,
submitting homework as signments with answers from the back of the text without actually doing the work,
using a calculator when one is not permitted

3. regularly attend and participate in class - attendance and participation positively impact success in the class

4. read their LC email regularly - this is the designated LCSC means of communication with students

5. make a conscientious and sincere effort to accomplish the above goals - expect to spend at least 2 hours
outside of class for each hour in class, when necessary, seek help from the instructor and/or use other campus
resources (Math and Science Tutor Center, MLH 115)

A scientific calculator such as a TI-30XA (not a graphing calculator) is required at every class and cannot be
shared. A Voyage 200 calculator will be signed out to you after the first test. The student as sumes full
responsibility for this Voyage 200; the student may be billed for replacement or repair in case of loss or damage.
If the calculator is not returned at the final exam (or if the class is dropped), transcripts will not be released and
future registration for LCSC classes will be blocked until the Voyage 200 is returned or the full amount for
replacement is made.


Homework 20%
Class Activities/Participation 10%
Tests 50%
Final Exam 20%
Mastery Skill Quizzes  

Homework will be collected at the beginning of each class period. No late homework assignments will be
accepted. At the end of the semester, the three lowest homework grades will be dropped.

Each assignment will be worth 25 points:
10 points total (2 points each) for 5 selected problems that will be graded
10 points for completion of the entire assignment – you must show all the work to justify your answer
5 points for “presentation” – readability, neatness, following the model of problems done in class

No Extra Credit assignments will be given.

Class Activities – You must be present in class to participate. No make-ups will be allowed.

Tests – Make-up exams will be allowed only in rare cases due to exceptional circumstances. Oversleeping and
mild illnesses are not acceptable excuses. Contact me by phone or email no later than the day of the exam.

Final Exam is a required common, comprehensive exam: Monday, December 15, 7:30 -9:30 am

Mastery Skill Quizzes – ALL skill quizzes must be passed with a score of 100% to pass the course. No exceptions.
Quizzes will be given during the last 10 minutes of class. You may retake a quiz until you receive a perfect
score. Retakes are given at the end of a later class (not the same day that the quiz is returned) or during office
hours. All Mastery Skill Quizzes must be complete by Friday, December 12. TO PASS THIS CLASS, every skill quiz
must be passed. If you have even one skill quiz that is not successfully completed by this time, you will fail this

Grading Scale:

A A- B+ B B- C+ C D F
100-93 92-90 89-87 86-83 82-80 79-77 76-70 69-60 < 60

Incompletes will only be given under the following conditions: (1) 80% of all coursework is completed. (2) You
must be passing with a 70% or better. (3) You must provide written documentation of a medical or family

Access and Accommodation:
If you require any special course adaptations or accommodations due to a disability, please make me aware
of those immediately, no later than before the first scheduled exam. Please let me know of any emergency
medical information or special arrangements that may be necessary in the event that the building must be
quickly evacuated. For testing accommodations or other unique or un common accommodations or services
please contact the Office of Student Life, Room 111, Reid Centennial Hall, 792-2211.

Extraordinary Circumstances:
If any extraordinary life circumstances prevent you from meeting any of the above course requirements, please
let me know. Special arrangements can be made in extraordinary cases.

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