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Syllabus for Elementary Algebra

Prerequisites: C or better in Math 30 or eligibility as de termined by assessment process. You have until
Wednesday, September 2 to bring in documentation, such as unofficial transcripts, showing you've met the
prerequisites. If you have not provided proof of prerequisite at that point, you will be dropped. Please note
that self-assessments from ARC (or any other school) are not accepted. I already have documentation for many
of you. Please check with me to see if you're on my list.

Please activate (if you haven't already) your IMail account as I may email announcements, updates, etc. via

Catalog Description: This course covers the fundamental concepts and operations of algebra with problem
solving skills emphasized throughout. Topics include properties of real numbers , linear equations and
inequalities, integer exponents, polynomials and factoring polynomials , rational expressions and equations ,
radical expressions and equations, rational exponents, systems of linear equations and inequalities , the
rectangular coordinate system, graphs and equations of lines, and solving quadratic equations. Math 100 is not
UC/CSU transferable. It is highly recommended that you see a counselor as part of your college planning.

Please Note: Being that this is a 5 unit course, expect to spend a MINIMUM of 10 hours of homework/study
time outside of lecture.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate the
following skills and apply them to a variety of problems:

☺ evaluate and expand polynomial expressions (including expressions written in scientific notation).
☺ report solutions to polynomial operations involving addition , subtraction , multiplication , and division.
☺ record factors of polynomial expressions by removing common factors, factoring difference of square
expressions, and factoring trinomial expressions including perfect square trinomials.
☺ apply rules of exponents (including negative exponents) in the simplification of algebraic expressions.
☺ solve linear equations, linear formulas (of more than one variable), linear inequalities, and 2x2 systems
of linear equations.
☺ produce graphs of solution sets of linear equations and linear inequalities in two variables .
☺ evaluate and simplify radical expressions and solve equations involving these.
☺ solve application problems using algebraic expressions, algebraic equations, algebraic inequalities, and
graphing techniques.
☺ solve quadratic equations by factoring and using the quadratic formula.

Attendance and Classroom Expectations: Attendance is crucial for success in this course and will be taken daily.
If you miss class, ask a classmate, a tutor, or myself to get caught up immediately. Also, it is your responsibility
to obtain lecture notes, handouts, announcement information (such as exam date changes), etc. Although the
instructor reserves the right to drop a student who misses 3 class meetings, it is your responsibility to officially
drop this class if you wish to withdraw. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade.

Please follow guidelines of good behavior. You should act like you are in an institution of higher learning. You
are expected to behave in a courteous manner both toward your classmates and me at all times. Profanity is
unacceptable. If you must enter or leave the classroom at any time during class, please do so without disrupting
the rest of the class. I do not allow any electronic devices such as cellular phones (please turn them off), pagers,
ipods, laptops, headsets, etc. in the classroom. If you are behaving in a manner that inhibits me from teaching
or anyone around you from learning, you will be asked to leave.

If your cell phone rings during class you may be asked to leave. If you answer the phone, your highest test
during the semester will be recorded as a zero.

If you use your cell phone during class (e.g. texting), 10 points will be deducted from your highest exam score.

If you use your cell phone or any electronic device during an exam, your highest test during the semester will be
recorded as a zero.

Homework: Homework will be assigned each class day and collected every Monday. I will accept homework
ONE class meeting late (with a 20% penalty) but NO homework will be accepted thereafter. NO EXCEPTIONS.
The lowest homework score will be dropped.

Both graded and non-graded homework will be assigned. Non-graded problems will assigned from the textbook
whereas graded problems will be completed via MyMathLab.

Homework Format (for non-graded problems):

☺ Write the section and assigned problems at the top of the page
☺ Number every problem
☺ Staple all pages together IN ORDER
☺ If you use spiral notebook paper, please tear the edges

Failure to follow these directions will result in a minimum of a 20% penalty.

You may work with others; in fact, I encourage it, but turn in your own work. I highly recommend that you work
through examples in the book, especially if you get stuck on the homework. By doing so, you’re basically
learning how to teach yourself, which is a valuable skill.

Comment Codes (points will be deducted for reasons below)
S = no staple
E = edges of paper not torn
O = sections of hw out of order
TL = hw is too late
N = first and/or last name not clearly printed
L = hw sections not clearly labeled
Inc = assignment is incomplete
P = used pen instead of pencil
W = hw turned into wrong pile

Quizzes and Exams:
Quizzes (both announced and unannounced) will be given throughout the semester to
check your progress. NO make-up quizzes will be given for any reason but I will drop the lowest quiz score for
the semester.

There will be 5 exams tentatively scheduled for:

Wednesday, Sept 9
Monday, Sept 28
Wednesday, Oct 21
Wednesday, Nov 11
Wednesday, Dec 2

Use pencil (or erasable pen) on exams. CALCULATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON EXAMS. Make-up exams are NOT
allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS. However, if you miss a test day AND your homework average is at least 75% at the
end of the semester, your final exam score will replace your lowest exam score (if it helps you). It is in your best
interest to make every effort to take exams on the scheduled days. The final is comprehensive and is scheduled
for Monday, December 14 from 1:00 – 2:50 p.m.

If you need any accommodations due to a disability or special need, please let me know. Call (916) 608-6611 for

Note: SK means “see key”.

Academic Integrity: Cheating will be punished swiftly and severely. If you are caught cheating on an exam, you
will receive a zero on the exam and will lose all extra credit opportunities. I will complete paperwork to ensure
that there is a record of your dishonesty.

When you are taking a test it is your job to cover your work so that no one else can see what you are doing.
Keep your eyes on your own paper and make it abundantly clear to me that you are working alone. I may assign
seating during tests or ask you to change seats during exams. During an exam, you should not speak to anyone
other than me. You may not have any materials other than a pencil and scratch paper on your desk. All notes
and electronic devices are prohibited.


Homework/In-Class Assignments 15%
Quizzes 15%
Exams 50%
Final 20%

The standard grading scale will be used:

 Less than 60% F

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you save EVERYTHING – homework, exams, quizzes, etc. This is for your

Resources/Tips for Success: The best resources for any student are classmates. Make a point of meeting a few
people in class and exchanging phone numbers or e-mail. They can help you fill in a missing point in your notes,
compare homework, study with you for tests, and tell you what you missed if you were absent.

As with any class, you should attend every meeting, take detailed notes and read over them regularly, ask
questions in class, etc. A great way to study for a math test that many tend to underestimate is simply working
out lots of math problems. When studying for a test, you should re-do the homework problems and work
through study guide and chapter review problems without your notes, book, etc. to simulate the test.

There is also free tutoring. (The schedule is posted around campus.) Additionally, I am available for assistance,
both during my office hours and by appointment if my office hours are not convenient for you. I am here to

Early Alert is a program designed to identify students in need of support and inform them of resources available
to aid their college success. Counseling, tutoring, and workshops are among the services available to improve
chances of success in the classroom. I may refer students to Early Alert but please let me know if you’d rather
not participate in the program.

How to Succeed: This class is extremely fast-paced and many students find themselves quickly overwhelmed.

☺You should plan to spend at least 2 hours out of class studying for every hour in class in order to pass
this class. It is extremely difficult to overcome a bad start so I encourage you to set good study habits
the first few weeks of the semester.

☺ Take the time to read the section(s) we’re covering in class that day before you come to lecture. It will
seem confusing at first but it will make class time much more productive for you.

☺ Do the homework right away. You should always have the homework done before the next class period.
Skipping even one day’s homework will make it hard to catch up. Put aside time to study for this class
every day. If you have a question/problem on homework, take care of it right away…call a classmate,
find a tutor, or come see me, but don’t let your questions go unanswered!

☺ Start studying for exams about a week ahead of time, setting a schedule for yourself so that you don’t
cram. If you come to class prepared every session, take the time to do your homework well, and are
proactive about getting help, you’ll be well on your way to success in Math 100.

Important Dates:

Sept 6th Last day to enroll
Sept 4th Last day to drop and receive a refund
Sept 19th Last day to drop without a notation on your record
Nov 17th Last day to drop with a “W” grade
Sept 18th Last day to petition for credit/no credit grading
Dec 14th Final 1:00 – 2:50 p.m.

Extra Credit: I may periodically give extra credit options in the form of a homework assignment, on exams, etc.
Please note that extra credit is NOT designed to change a failing grade to a passing grade.

For extra credit, handwrite the following: “I have read and understand, in its entirety, the information and
policies found in my Math 100 course syllabus.” Next, sign and turn it into me within the first week of class.

Note: This syllabus is tentative and subject to change. It is also not negotiable.

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