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PreAlgebra Lesson Plan

Text: P reAlgebra – 3rd Edition – Alan S. Tussy and R. David Gustafson.

Prerequisite: A mastery of elementary concepts and Math 105 are essential . Students need to
have an understanding of calculators at some point after chapter 5. Bold face topics depicted
be low are considered extremely important. Note taking and class participating in mathematical
discussions are encouraged. Assistance is provided before or after class.

Content to be Covered:

Ch.1 Order of Operations , Solving Equations , Exp onents
Ch.2 Integers
Ch.3 Variables , Simplifying Algebraic Equations , Combining Like Terms, Problem Solving
Ch.4 Operations on Fractions , Complex Fractions, Solving Equations
Ch.5 Operations on Decimals, Estimation, square roots
Ch.6 Graphing Linear Equations , Parabolas , Operations with Polynomials
Ch.7 Percent and Applications of Percents
Ch.8 Ratios and Proportions
Ch.9 Geometry, Perimeters, Areas of Polygons

Important Dates:

September 12: Last day to ADD classes without instructor activities.
September 26: Last day to drop class without a “W”.
November 21: Last day to drop class with a “W”.
October 10: Last day to petition for Credit/No Credit.
December 14 – December 20: Final Exams. Final exam: December 17.
December 20: All classes end.

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter covered. 100 pts.
There will be no make-ups on any exam. This is a departmental policy.
There will be a comprehensive final examination at the end of the course to assess
your mathematical skills.
Final exam is given on December 17. - 200 pts.
Homework will be assigned, collected, and graded. It will be turned in the day of
the chapter test. 100 pts.
Final grade based upon total accumulated points from tests, homework, attendance,
Teacher office hours will be 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. the day of class at Bung 6.
Grade earned represented by percentage of total points.
A – 90% - 100%
B – 80 - 89%
C – 70% - 79%
D - 60% - 69%
F. – 59%

Specific Class Features
• Grades are based upon a percentage of the total points earned in class
through tests, homework, attendance, class participation, and final.
• Homework is graded upon completion and effort. You must
SHOW ALL WORK for full credit.
• Tests are based upon total points converted into a percentage (800/1000 pts. = 80%).
• Attendance is factored into the final grade. Students with repeated absences will be
dropped from the class.

Student Conduct All students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner
with the highest standards and behavior – especially during lectures and tests. Any infringement
upon the rights of others or placing them in an uncompromising situation will not be tolerated.
Grades are subject to change upon teacher discretion.

Learning Outcomes

1. Find the prime factorization of a given number.
2. Evaluate expressions using order of operations.
3. Simplify expressions with exponents.
4. Solve equations with whole numbers and integers.
5. Combine like terms.
6. Analyze word problems, translate into linear equations and solve.
7. Evaluate expressions with fractions and mixed numbers, including complex fractions
and order of operations.
8. Evaluate expressions with decimals and square roots.
9. Analyze and graph linear equations.
10. Convert numbers to percents and evaluate applications such as discounts, interest,
commissions, etc.
11. Solve ratios and proportions, translate and solve word problems.
12. Calculate perimeters and areas of polygons.
13. Distinguish between complementary and supplementary angles as well as acute, right,
obtuse, and straight angles.

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