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Math Placement Test

Every school has its own unique order of presenting
math topics. The math placement test at
BBCC was developed by the Math Department
to reflect the math curriculum. Your placement
score helps de fractions /intermediate-algebra-4.html">termine which BBCC class best
fits your current math skills.
No matter what
your math experience is, we have a class that
will fit your skills. Starting out in the right class
gives you the greatest chance to succeed.

The BBCC Math Placement Test assesses basic
concepts, so no calculators are allowed. There
is a fee for the exam. Please bring photo ID, your
receipt, and your student ID number the test.

Placement test dates and times are posted in
each quarter's class schedule and on the BBCC

This brochure will give you an overview of the
knowledge you must demonstrate to place in the
different math classes at BBCC.

Test Retakes

If you feel that your math placement score does
not reflect your abilities, you may retake the
placement exam one time. Students are allowed
to take the exam twice each year. In addition,
when you successfully complete a math class,
you have the option to take the test an additional


Although calculators are not permitted on the
placement exams, correct use of calculators is
taught in appropriate math classes.

For MPC classes above 90:
When your instructor requires a calculator, a
scientific calculator that is not programmable
and does not graph is required .

For MATH classes above 100:

The TI¨C83 Plus is required and is the only
calculator that is discussed in class. Please
meet with your instructor if you already have a
graphing calculator and want to use it instead
of the TI¨C83 Plus.

To place into MPC 090 P reAlgebra a student
must be able to demonstrate competency in
these skills:
Add, subtract , multiply , and divide whole numbers,
fractions, and decimals.

To place in MPC 095 Elementary Algbra
a student must be able to demonstrate
competency in the preceding materials as
well as ability to:

1. Use order of operations to perform basic
arithmetic operations on signed number
expressions containing absolute values
and exponents.
2. Solve simple linear equations .
3. Evaluate mathematical expressions containing
exponents using the order of operations.
4. Set up ratios and solve proportions.
5. Change among fraction, decimal, and percent
form of a number.
6. Solve percent problems.
7. Find the mean, median and mode of a
group of numbers.
8. Do conversions of length, volume, area,
time and temperature using American and
metric units.
9. Find the area, volume or perimeter of

geometric shapes.
10. Simplify an algebraic expression by
combining like terms and/or using
distributive property .

To place in MPC 099 Intermediate Algebra
a student must be able to demonstrate competency
in the preceding materials as well as
ability to:

1. Use the laws of exponents to simplify integer
exponential expressions.
2. Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials,
including long division.
3. Solve linear and literal equations and linear
4. Solve a variation problem.
5. Set up and solve linear story problems.
6. Find the slope of a line and graph.
7. Factor polynomials and equations, factor
sum and difference of cubes , find vertex of
a quadratic function and graph.
8. Perform basic arithmetic operation on
polynomial expressions.
9. Simplify complex fractions containing
10. Evaluate a function.
11. Solve right triangles using sine, cosine and
tangent functions.

To place in MATH& 107, MATH 120, MATH&
146 or MATH 147
a student must be able to
demonstrate competency in the preceding
materials as well as ability to:

1. Perform basic arithmetic operations on
functions. Simplify composite functions.
2. Solve a system of linear equations in 2 & 3
3. Solve a word problem using a system of
4. Perform basic arithmetic operations on expressions
containing radicals or imaginary
5. Solve quadratic equations, equations containing
radicals and rational equations and
equations with rational exponents.
6. Solve word problems with quadratic equations.
7. Simplify exponential and logarithmic expressions
and solve elementary equations.
8. Graph quadratic functions.
9. Compute compound and continuous

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