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Fractions, Percents, and

Unit Goals:
• Use a variety of models, including grids,
number lines , and clock faces, to find
fraction, percent and decimal

Solve computation problems that involve
amounts less than one.

Proposed Time Frame:
4 weeks

◊ Deck of Fraction Cards


◊ Deal the cards evenly to each player.
Players keep the cards face down in
a pile.

◊ In each round players turn their top
card face up at the same time. The
player with the larger fraction takes
both cards and puts them on the
bottom of his or her own pile.

◊ If the cards show equivalent fractions ,
players turn over another card.
The player with the larger fraction
takes all four cards.

◊ The player with the most cards wins.

Web Resources
You will find web resources at:

∗ Equivalent Fractions
∗ Fraction Game
∗ Fraction Model I, II, III


equivalent — having the same value or

decimal — a number system based on 10
percent — number out of 100
fraction — any part of a group, number or
numerator - the number above the line of a

denominator - the number below the line of
a fraction

Tips for Helping at Home

Listed below are questions to
help teachers during observations
and assessments.

Getting Started
• What is it that you don’t understand?
(Have your child be specific.)
• What do you need to find out?
• What do you need to know?
• What terms do you understand
or not understand?

While Working
• How can you organize the information?
• Do you see any patterns or relationships
that will help solve this?
• What would happen if…?

Reflecting about the Solution
• How do you know your answer is
• Has the question been answered?
• Can you explain it another way?

At Home:

1 When your child brings home
Completed Equivalent Strips,
consider posting one in your kitchen
or living room. When fractions or
percents come up in conversation,
consult the Strip to find the
equivalent value.

2 From time to time, your child will
bring home a number game to play
with family members. Please sit
down and play these games with
your child. All the games involve
strategy, as well as work with
fractions, percents, and decimals.

3 To help students develop strategies
to solve problems using fractions,
decimals and percents , we will use
visual models such as 10-by-10
grids, clock faces, and paper strips.
Have your student use their tools to
solve the problems in this unit.

At School:

1 Attend Open House, Back to School
Night, and after school events.

2 Join the parent-teacher organization
Akers, J. Investigations in Number, Data, and
Space: Name That Portion. Dale Seymour, 1998.

Mathematics in

Investigation 1:
• Using fractions to describe how many in a
group share a particular characteristic
• Finding equivalent fractions and percents
• Representing, identifying, and ordering fractions
and percents; using 1/2 and 1 as references
• Interpreting common uses of percent
• Building on knowledge of unit fractions to use
fractions with numerators greater than 1

Investigation 2:
• Re presenting fractions as rotation around a

• Marking strips into fractional parts
• Finding equivalent fractions
• Ordering fractions
• Adding fractions

Investigation 3:
• Representing and adding decimals on grids
• Reading and writing decimals
• Ordering decimals
Dividing to find decimal equivalents of fractions
Comparing fractions using different models
and notations
• Making sense of and solving word problems

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