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Introductory Algebra

Course Description

This course establishes a foundation in algebraic concepts and problem solving. Topics include signed
numbers, exponents, order of operations , simplifying expressions , solving line ar equations and
, graphing, formulas, polynomials, factoring, and elements of geometry. Upon
completion, students should be able to apply the above concepts in problem solving using appropriate

Course Information

Meeting Times and Location : T-Th 2 – 4:20 PM Room 239

Required Text(s):
• Elementary Algebra 4th Edition by Ron Larson and Robert Hostetler, 2008 Houghton Mifflin
• MAT 070 Lab Pack (Available at the Mayland Bookstore)
Required supplies:
A graphing calculator , preferably a TI -83 plus or a TI-84. You should bring a
notebook, graph paper, ruler , pencils and erasers to class every day.
Course Objectives

1. Develop Problem-solving strategies using the techniques of algebra
2. Learn how to use techno logy appropriately and effectively
3. Learn to communicate mathematical ideas both orally and in writing.
1. Operations with Real numbers
2. Exponents and the Order of Ope rations Agreement
3. Evaluating and Simplifying Variable Expressions
4. Solving Equations and Inequalities
5. Solving Applied Problems
6. The Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphing
7. Operations with Polynomials
8. Scientific Notation
9. Factoring Polynomials

Attendance Policy/Tardiness/Make-Up Work:
Roll will be taken and you are expected to be in class each time it meets. If you must miss a class, you
are responsible for obtaining notes, arranging for help on any material that you do not understand,
and for turning any work due in a timely manner. If you accumulate 6 consecutive absences without
contacting me to arrange to make up missed work, you will be dropped from the class. Your grade
will depend on your grade at the time you are dropped, taking into account zeros for missing

Making up Class Time: You can make up absences by spending time in the skills lab, in my office
during office hours or by spending documented time with an approved tutor. Six or more absences,
not made up, will result in a failing grade.

Making up Tests: Tests may be made up during my office hours or in the skills lab. Tests must be
made up within one week of returning to class. Make up tests will not be given without a valid excuse
for missing class on test day.

Grading Criteria/Tests/Projects:

Labs and group work 15%
Portfolio 10%
Quizzes 20%
Chapter Tests (100 Points Each) 40%
Comprehensive Final 15%

Portfolio: You will prepare a portfolio for this class. The grade for your portfolio will be determined
as follows:

Lab activities 100 points
Tests and Test corrections 50 points
Homework 50 points
Overall Appearance and Organization 100 points
Total 300 points

Homework will be kept in a notebook to be included in your portfolio. We will go over any questions
on the homework at each class session. There will be a quiz based on the homework at each class
meeting, with the exception of test days. You must bring your homework notebook on test days. If
your homework is complete, you will receive points back for your test corrections.

Test Corrections: For any test that you receive a grade below 85 you must write test corrections. If
you receive a grade of 85 or higher test corrections are optional. If your homework is complete, you
will points back on your test grade for your test corrections.

Test corrections consist of, on a separate sheet of paper: for each problem missed:
1. rework the problems missed,
2. write an explanation, in complete sentences, of why you missed the problem and the correct
method for working the problem and
3. find a similar problem in the exercises in the book and work that problem.
Test corrections must be turned in along with the original test within one week of the date I give the
tests back.
You may receive help with test corrections from the skills lab, an approved tutor, or from me during
my office hours. Test Corrections will be included in your portfolio.

Comprehensive Final :
You must receive a grade of 70% or above on the comprehensive final in
order to pass this class.

Grading Scale:

A = 93-100
B = 85 – 92
C = 77 - 84
F = 76 or below

Inclement Weather Procedures:

If Mayland Community College is on a delay schedule due to inclement weather, this class will meet
from 2:30 – 4:10 PM. Delays are announced on the local radio stations in each county. If you live
where you cannot receive the local radio station, there will also be a recorded message at the Mayland
phone number and a posting on the Mayland website. If none of these methods are acceptable for
you, see me, and I will arrange a way to notify you of delays or cancellations. If classes are not
cancelled or delayed and you feel it is unsafe to travel because of road conditions: You are not
expected to risk injury attempting to attend class. Let me know by phone or email and arrangements
will be made for you to make up any missed work, without grade penalty.

Academic Standards/Student Expectations/Ethics:
Anyone caught giving or receiving assistance on a test will be given a zero for that test. Instances of
academic dishonesty will be reported to the Office of the Vice President of Instructional Services,
repeat offenses will have serious consequences, up to expulsion.

Withdrawal Dates:

Fall 2007

September 25 End of Unconditional Withdrawal
November 1 End of Conditional Withdraw
Administrative Withdrawal statement: If a student has not been in contact with the instructor
and has not attended class for a consecutive two-week period, an administrative withdrawal will be
submitted by the instructor.

ADA statement: Any student requesting special accommodations for this course due to a
disability should apply for services through the SOAR Office or the Counseling Center,
which will document the disability. A counselor will then help de termine which
accommodations, if any, the student needs for success in this course.

Course Outline/Weekly Topics

Dates Assignment Quiz
August 21 1.1: 1 – 57 every other odd, 59 – 67 odd August 23
August 21 1.2: 1 – 77 every other odd, 91 – 101 odd August 23
August 23
August 23
1.3: 1 – 97 every other odd, 99 – 102 all, 103 – 113 odd
1.4: 1 – 145 every other odd, 149 – 163 odd
August 28
August 28
August 28

August 30
1.5: 1 – 73 every other odd, 75 – 111 odd, 121 – 129
Test on Chapter 1
September 4
September 4
2.1:1 - 81 every other odd, 83, 85
2.2: 1 – 93 every other odd,101 – 149 every other odd,
151 – 157 odd
September 6
September 11
September 6
September 11
September 13
2.3: 1 – 89 every other odd
2.4: 1 – 73 every other odd
3.1:1 – 73 every other odd
September 11
September 13
September 18
September 18
September 20
September 25
3.2: 1 – 81 every other odd
3.3: 1 – 101 every other odd, 103
3.4: 1 – 85 every other odd
September 20
September 25
September 27
September 27 3.5: 1 – 77 every other odd October 2
October 2
October 4
3.6: 1 – 81 every other odd
October 4
October 11 Test Chapters 2 and 3  
October 16
October 16
4.1: 1 – 73 every other odd, 75, 76
4.2 : 1 – 8 all, 9 – 73 every other odd, 77 – 80 all, 81,
83, 85
October 18
October 18
October 18
October 23
October 25
4.3 1 – 97 every other odd
4.4 1 – 105 every other odd, 107
4.5 1 – 69 every other odd
October 23
October 25
October 30
October 30
November 1
5.1 1 – 189 every other odd
5.2 1 – 101 every other odd
November 1
November 6
November 6
November 8
5.3 1 – 129 every other odd
5.4 1 – 73 every other odd
November 8
November 13
November 15
November 20
Test Chapters 4 and 5
6.1: 1 – 117 every other odd

November 27
November 27
November 29
November 29
6.2 : 1 – 85 every other odd
6.3 : 1 – 113 every other odd
6.4 : 1 – 129 every other odd
November 29
December 4
December 4
December 4
December 6
December 11
6.5 : 1 – 97 every other odd
December 6

December 13 Final Exam  
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