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Algebra for Business and Economics

Course Description : Welcome to Math 161 this course is an extension of basic algebraic principles as they apply to the areas of Business and Economics. Prerequisites: DEVM 105 or 106; or two years of high school algebra and MATH 161X placement or higher. This course will expect students to have a solid foundation in Algebra BEFORE the course begins. We will review many of the concepts in Algebra but it will be an accelerated review, as we will be focusing on the applications of mathematics in the area of Business and Economics.

Course Materials: Materials for this course include Course Text: Introductory Math Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life Sciences. By Ernest F. Haeussler, Jr., Richard S. Paul, Richard Wood Eleventh Edition, a Scientific Calculator (Preferably a TI-83 or higher), and internet access. Please note: Some of the lessons involve Flash interactions, these work best with either Windows XP, Mac OS X, and a good internet connection. Basic computer skills such as e-mailing, utilizing web browsers, are very helpful to this course.

Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
- Solve for a given variable in a formula .
- Evaluate Algebraic Expressions.
- Simplify Algebraic Expressions.
- Utilize given formulas .
- Create mathematical business models for real world situations.
- Translate word expressions into algebraic expressions.
- Calculate Simple Interest.
- Calculate Compound Interest .
- Apply the Quadratic Formula
- Determine monthly payment rates, interest rates, and principle in future values.
- Compare the Mean , Median, Mode of a system . -Solve Two Variable Systems
- Apply many of the various forms involving Linear Equations

Student grades will be based upon the fol lowing criteria :

Class Homework/ Quizzes 300 points
Tests 600 points
Final 100 points
Total Points 1,000 points

Final grade assignment will be broken down in the following manner

100%-90% A, 89%-80% B, 79% - 70% C, 69% - 60% D, 59% or below F

Students will combine teacher lessons, homework, and quizzes with standard written resources, Homework.

Each lesson will have homework assigned with it. Questions on homework will be answered via email.

Examinations / Term Papers / Projects:
There will be 7 tests one for each section and a comprehensive final, all of which must be completed at CDE. Students will have the opportunity to retake each test once, except for the final. There will also be the opportunity for an extra credit project if the student so desires.

Extra Credit :
Students will have the option of earning up to 10% extra credit, by completing various assigned projects for each section. Please e-mail the instructor at the end of each section for the assignment. Each extra credit assignment must completed and returned within 2 weeks from the time it is assigned.

Course Policies: Each student will be responsible for their own work. The Board of Regents has established a comprehensive policy for student conduct.

Course Outline:

Section 1.
Order of Ope rations
Algebraic Expressions
Linear Expressions

Section 2.
Absolute Value Equations
Factoring Algebraic Expressions
Quadratic Formula
Basic Applications

Section 3.
Special Functions
Combining Functions
Inverse Functions
Coordinate Plane
Types of Graphs
Intercepts and Symmetry

Section 4

Forms of Linear Equations
Applications of Linear Functions
Two Variable Linear Systems
Quadratic Functions
Graphing Quadratic Functions
Applications of Systems

Section 5
Exponential Functions
Compound Interest
Growth and Decay
Logarithmic Functions
Properties of Logs

Section 6
Compound Interest
Present value
Future value
Annuities and Geometric Sequences
Amortization of Loans

Course Final

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