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Math 108 Intermediate Algebra

Successful completion of this course is sufficient preparation for College Algebra (MATH 143),
Trigonometry (MATH 144), Precalculus (MATH 147), Brief Calculus (MATH 160) or Math for
Teachers (MATH 157). This course does not meet the math skills requirement of the
general education core curriculum. This course is not a review or preparation for Finite Math
(Math 130) or Algebra and Trigonometry with Applications (Math 137).

In termediate algebra builds on the fundamental concepts introduced in elementary algebra. This
course emphasizes the concepts of function, domain, range, and zeros and includes the linear -matrices.html">study of
linear , absolute value, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential, radical, and rational functions,
expressions and equations. Other topics include complex numbers , composition of functions,
inverses of functions, properties of logarithms , exponent rules , systems of equations, and Gauss
Jordan elimination using matrices . A graphing calculator is used extensively.

Methods of Instruction.
Concepts and skills are introduced through reading, group exercises and whole class instruction
and practiced in homework exercises completed outside of class. You are expected to learn
independently and should plan on spending at least 8 hours a week outside of class completing
as signments and studying for quizzes and exams.

MA 24 or 25 (C or better) or Math ACT score ≥ 19 or Quantitative SAT score ≥ 440 or
COMPASS Algebra score of 41 - 61. Successful completion of high school mathematics
coursework does not substitute for the former prerequisites.

Text. Intermediate Algebra, Bracken and Miller.

A scientific calculator such as a TI-30XA (not a graphing calculator) is required
at every class and cannot be shared. A Voyage 200 calculator will be signed out
to you after the first test. If it is not returned at the final exam or if you drop the
class, a hold will be placed on your records and you will not be permitted to
register at LCSC.

Other. Graph paper; stapler.
If course adaptations or accommodations are needed because of a disability, if you need to make
me aware of emergency medical information, or if you will need special arrangements in case of
building evacuation, please contact me as soon as possible or by the 10th day of the semester. If
you have received accommodations that include taking tests in an alternative environment, you
are responsible for making an appointment to do so in the Office of Student Life (Reid Hall,
792-2211). You may audiotape any part of class.

You are expected to monitor your LCMail e-mail student account for class announcements, even
if you do not own a personal computer or have an Internet connection at home. Computer access
is provided for all students on campus.

If extraordinary circumstances that occur during the semester make it impossible for you to meet
the requirements of the course, contact me in person or by ph one during office hours or by
appointment or send an e-mail. If you do not successfully complete course requirements or
drop/withdraw from the class, you will receive a grade of F.

The last date to drop this class without a permanent entry on your transcript is Sept
8. The last date to withdraw from this course with a W on your transcript is Oct 31.
After that date, withdrawal is permitted only by petition and approval by the
division chair . The division chair requires documentation of extraordinary
circumstances that prevented you from withdrawing by Oct 31.

You will receive a semester grade based on your final average using this grade scale:

A A- B+ B B- C+ C D F
≥92% ≥90% ≥88% ≥83% ≥80% ≥78% ≥70% ≥60% <60%

Your semester grade depends on homework (20%), six tests (55%), group work and class
participation (5%), final exam (20%), and passing of all mastery skill quizzes. The final exam is

Daily Homework: 20% of your semester grade No late work is accepted.
Homework is collected each day at the end of class and must include a completed assignment
sheet. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are doing the problems correctly; answers
for most homework problems are found in the text. Only selected problems are graded. It is your
responsibility to ask for help. We will spend almost no time on homework problems in class.
You can get help from me during office hours, during the 15 minutes after class in the classroom,
or from the tutors in the Math-Science Tutoring Center (also known as the “Math Lab”).

Even if you have a good reason for missing class or not having homework done, late work is
not accepted.
You should still complete the assignment and check your answers. The three
lowest homework grades earned during the semester will be dropped at the end of the semester.
This allows you to receive a 0 on three homework assignments during the semester without
affecting your grade. Save these three “free assignments” for illness or emergencies.

If an extraordinary circumstance comes up in your life that will prevent you from completing
homework for more than three class periods, please talk to me individually during office hours or
make an appointment. Special arrangements can be made in extraordinary circumstances.

6 Tests: 55% of your semester grade
No retakes. If you need an alternative test environment, please talk to me during office hours or
via e-mail. Make up tests are allowed only if you contact me by 11:30 am of the day of the test
by phone or e-mail with an acceptable excuse for missing the test. Acceptable excuses do not
include oversleeping, change in work schedule, or mild illnesses. If you cannot reach me
directly, leave a detailed message.

Investigations, Labs and Class Participation: 5% of semester grade
Group investigations and activities will be completed in class and cannot be made up.

Final Exam: 20% of your semester grade
The final exam is required and is comprehensive. Do not make travel or work plans which require
you to take the final exam early.

Mastery Skill Quizzes
Every skill quiz must be passed to pass this class. If you have even one skill quiz that is not
successfully completed by the end of this class, you will fail this class.
If you make a mistake
on the quiz, you will retake it at the end of a later class or during office hours. Retakes are not
given on the same day that you get the quiz back. If you are absent and miss a skill quiz, just
complete the retake during regular class time. If you retake a quiz that you’ve already passed and
you fail it, you must retake it again until you pass it again. All other papers must be completely
cleared from the desk when completing a skill quiz. Carefully note whether a calculator is
allowed. No sharing of calculators is allowed. Cheating is absolutely unacceptable and is a
violation of a violation of the student code of conduct.

Expectations for Classroom Behavior.
• Be on time.
o It is better to attend for even ten minutes than to miss class. I will not embarrass
you if you enter late. If we are doing a group exercise, do not expect the group to
wait for you or help you to catch up. You will not earn the points for the group
exercise if you arrive too late.

• Do not interrupt the learning of others.
o You may quietly leave the room to use the bathroom or to get a drink of water.
Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or in vibration mode.
o Do not conduct social conversations with other students while I am lecturing.
However, you should feel free to ask questions at any time during lecture.
o Do not do your homework during class. This distracts other students.
o Bringing children to class should be avoided.

Academic Dishonesty:

According to the Lewis-Clark State College Student Code of Conduct found in the Student
Handbook, cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. All work submitted by a student
must represent his/her own ideas, concepts and current understanding. Academic dishonesty
includes cheating, fabrication, helping others to cheat, and plagiarism. Examples of academic
dishonesty include looking at previous skill quizzes or notes during a skill quiz, allowing
someone to copy your homework, telling someone in the afternoon section about the test in
the morning section, submitting answers from the back of the book instead of actually doing
the problems, copying someone else’s work on a test or skill quiz, or using a calculator when
told not to do so.
Collaborative homework is acceptable as long as all the participants fully
participate in the work. Students are encouraged to work together on homework and to study
together for exams. There is a clear difference between collaboration and copying.

Academic dishonesty in this course will result in a grade of F and the code of conduct
violation will be reported to the appropriate administrative office for further action.

Math Placement

ACT Math SAT Quant COMPASS Course
1-15 200-380 Pre-Algebra 0-45 MATH 015 Arithmetic and Pre -Algebra
16-18 390-460 Pre-Algebra 46-100 Algebra 0-45
MATH 024 Elementary Algebra
MATH 025 Basic Algebra and Geometry
19-36 470-800 Algebra 46-100 MATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 123 Mathematics for Technology
MATH 130 Finite Mathematics
MATH 137 Algebra/ Trig with Applications
23-36 550-800 Algebra 61-100 MATH 143 College Algebra
MATH 157 Math/Elem School Teachers
MATH 186 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 254 Statistical Methods/Sciences
27-36 630-800 College Algebra 51-100 MATH 144 Trigonometry
MATH 160 Brief Calculus
29-36 660-800 Trigonometry 51-100 MATH 170 Calculus I

LCSC Mathematics Course Flow Chart
Courses which fulfill the Math Skills Component are shaded.
MATH 157/257 meet the Math Skills Requirement as a pair only.
MATH 143/144 meet the MATH Skills Requirement as a pair only.

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